Garmin Acquired Cycle Tech Start-up MetriGear

Garmin today announced the acquisition of MetriGear , a Silicon Valley start-up that developed “Vector”, a new power meter based upon measuring a cyclist’s forces applied to the pedals. Financial details of the transaction were not disclosed.

At the heart of Vector is a custom-designed system with over 60 piezoresistive strain gauges, accelerometers, and temperature sensors and an electronics architecture that processes the forces that a cyclist applies to the pedals.

“From the start, our vision has been to deliver an easy-to-own cycling power meter with unique capabilities,” said Clark Foy, CEO of MetriGear. “Garmin’s world-class engineering, wireless, manufacturing expertise and their ability to deliver an end-to-end solution from sensors to displays will be instrumental in realizing this vision. We can’t imagine a more capable partner to bring Vector to market, and we are absolutely thrilled to join the Garmin team.”

One year ago, MetriGear earned “Best of Show” accolades from multiple publications at Interbike 2009 upon the introduction of Vector. The product was initially scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2010, then postponed.

“Garmin and MetriGear are dedicated to bring the Vector power solution to market. Product availability and pricing details will be released at a later time,” wrote Garmin in a statement today.

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