Estimote “Beaconizes“ EXPO 2016 with 5,000 Beacons

EXPO World Fair has just launched in the Turkish city of Antalya with over 8 million people expected to visit until October. For the first time ever The World Fair is also using microlocation technology based on Bluetooth beacons.

The EXPO 2016 app offers step-by-step navigation through 1.2 million sq meters of venues and comes with accessibility features for visually impaired.

The app helps the EXPO 2016 organizers with built-in analytics to let them see in real-time how many people are gathering and where. It’s crucial for safety and understanding which events are the most successful.

The app has been built by VesLabs and is powered by a network of almost 5,000 Beacons from Estimote. This makes EXPO 2016 one of the biggest iBeacon projects to date.

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