ESCORT Debuts Lawsuit against Cobra

Last week U.S. radar detector vendor ESCORT started a new lawsuit against its competitor Cobra Electronics.

ESCORT has filed a complaint against Cobra Electronics in Federal Court for patent infringement of two ESCORT patents. ESCORT’s lawsuit asserts infringement by Cobra’s iRadar product and announced iRadar community service.

"The patents asserted in this lawsuit recognize ESCORT’s innovations marrying GPS and radar detection, which are the result of development and research by ESCORT engineers extending back well into the 1990’s," said John Larson, CEO and President of ESCORT. "Our inventions and patents cover not only the identification and marking of false alerts, but also, the sharing of radar alert information between detectors, an idea we brought to the market with the ESCORT Live(TM) social network. ESCORT and Cobra have peacefully coexisted since 2008, but with the iRadar, Cobra has overstepped its bounds, into infringement of our patents.“

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