Cyclops Partners with Korean Dash Cam Vendor Thinkware

British Speedcam database vendor Cyclops today announced a new partnership with Thinkware, a Korean vendor of Dash Cams.

“This new partnership with Thinkware will bring our premium quality safety camera database to drivers in over ten markets worldwide,“ said Steve Wreford, Director at Cyclops.

In this first collaboration, Thinkware has included Cyclops’ professionally verified safety camera databases and software into their range of Dash Cam devices.

The “Safety Camera Alert” feature provides verified speed/red-light camera locations and known regular mobile speed traps alerts. This adds to “Road Safety Warnings” which delivers user alerts for lane departure, front collision risks and front vehicle departure.

Thinkware Dash Cams are available in the United Kingdom through retail partners including Expansys, Dixons Retail and Jessops. In North America the Thinkware range is listed by Walmart, Best Buy and Amazon.

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