Combain Provides Cell-ID and WiFi Positioning to Mozilla (Podcast)

Cell ID and WiFi Positioning supplier Combain has announced a deal with Mozilla to supply its service to Firefox and Firefox OS users globally.

Combain will provide fallback services for Mozilla’s Location Service, allowing them to send location queries that don’t meet an acceptable level of accuracy to Combain for further refinement. Indeed Mozilla launched its Mozilla Location Service in 2013 using crowdsourced information, it however still lacks the coverage of companies like Combain or Skyhook Wireless.

“We are excited to work with Mozilla and provide world class coverage and accuracy for Mozilla’s Location Service” said Bjorn Lindquist, CEO Combain Mobile. “With Mozilla’s data and our new positioning algorithms, we will be able to further improve Combain Positioning Service (CPS), which in turn will benefit all Firefox and Firefox OS users globally.”

To know a bit more about this deal and the latest development in indoor positioning at Combain, GPS Business News spoke with Rikard Windh, vice president business development at Combain. Besides the deal with Mozilla he gave us the latest news from Combain, including their work on indoor geo-location and the growth they see working with IoT and M2M platform vendors.

Listen to or download the podcast below:

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