Cellular Location Data Analytics: AirSage Acquires Decell

AirSage, a U.S. based company using wireless signal data for population analytics has acquired Israeli based Decell Technologies, a company that provides real-time, historical and predictive road-traffic information as well as advanced analytics solutions using cellular and GPS floating car data.

Financial details of the transaction were not made public.

Although the two companies analyze cellular location data, their technologies and geographical reach are very much complementary. AirSage’s technology mostly enables the identification of population movement and demographic characteristics along wide nationwide coverage, while Decell’s technology combines cellular and GPS signals and focuses on vehicle movement along the roads.

AirSage works uniquely in the United States where it has contracts with two major wireless operators powering together 100 million cellular devices. Decell, based in Israel with local customers also operates in Europe (read here), South America and Southeast Asia.

“AirSage has had a long history in the transportation arena. The acquisition of Decell will allow us to provide further value in the U.S. and abroad. Decell’s expertise in travel time and speed data rounds out the AirSage product portfolio,” states Cy Smith, Founder and CEO of AirSage. “We have had a long-standing, positive relationship with Decell and are thrilled to formally align their technology, intellectual property and industry expertise with ours.”

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