Carrefour Debuts 130,000 sq ft Flagship Store with Indoor Geolocation

Carrefour, the world’s second-largest retailer has equipped its new flagship store, in Villeneuve La Garenne, in the North West suburb of Paris, France with precise indoor geolocation to help shoppers find the products they are looking for.

This new retail space of 12,000 sq meters (130,000 sq feet) has been fully equipped by Insiteo with Bluetooth low energy beacons; about 200 of them provide indoor geolocation with 2 meter accuracy, a precision needed in a retail space where shoppers shall be located in the right aisle.

For older Android phones with no support for Bluetooth low energy, the supermarket is fitted with free Wi-Fi so Insiteo has leveraged the infrastructure to offer a fallback location system based on Wi-Fi.

The mobile application that offers the geolocation feature is called “C-où“ (where is it?) and runs on iOS and Android.

The app, built in collaboration with electronics shelf label supplier Pricer, allows shoppers to scan barcodes at home or search for recipe ideas to build their grocery list. Once in the supermarket the app automatically peaks up the signal from the Bluetooth beacons and display a map with the precise location of the user. The user can be navigated to any product on his shopping list and get a personalized shopping route based on what is in its electronic basket in the app.

The Bluetooth beacons run on their own battery that has a 5 years duration.

In the coming weeks the beacon located at the entrance of the supermarket will be iBeacon-enabled so they will be able to wake up the iPhone app upon the entrance of the customer.

The app will also soon offer geo-push of coupons and other type of promotions based on the location and profile of the user.

The shopping mall where the supermarket is located has also selected Insiteo to offer indoor geolocation to its visitors.

Watch below our video demonstration with Insiteo CEO Arnaud Masson:

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