CSR Intros SiRFatlasVI Automotive Infotainment SoC

British chipset maker CSR has introduced last week SiRFatlasVI, the lastest version of their automotive infotainment system-on-chip.

According to the chip maker, “The SiRFatlasVI SoC offers 3x CPU, 3x graphics and 6x multimedia performance improvements over the previous SiRFatlasV chip at virtually the same BOM cost.“

The SiRFatlasVI SoC integrates a high-sensitivity multi-satellite GNSS engine that supports the four major global navigation systems: GPS and GLONASS today; Galileo and Compass (with a simple software upgrade) tomorrow.

The integrated ARM Cortex-A9 application processor produces up to 2500 DMIPS, which enables advanced applications and multiple operating systems. It is supported by an ARM NEON multimedia accelerator that enables up to 720p decode. Customers can choose to utilise either the new POWERVR 3D graphics accelerator core or rely on the 2D core as a low-cost option.

The SiRFatlasVI SoC supports Windows CE 6.0, Android 4.0 and Linux operating systems, and is sampling to lead customers now.

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