BrickHouse Security Acquires Securus GPS and Zoombak Brand

BrickHouse Security, a supplier of GPS tracking and security solutions, announced that it has acquired substantially all the assets of Securus, Inc.’s GPS tracking business, including the eZoom and Zoombak customer base and related brands.

“Securus and Zoombak built a robust customer base and a loyal following of GPS subscribers. With this single acquisition we are rolling up the efforts of the three most successful personal and asset tracking businesses under one brand on a single, unified platform,” said BrickHouse Security CEO Todd Morris.

Securus, created in 2008 was in its early stage focussing on pet tracking. In February 2011 it acquired Zoombak (read here), a general purpose GPS tracker from Liberty media (in 2012 GPS Business News interviewed with Chris Newton, CEO of Securus GPS – see here).

BrickHouse Security plans to support a select number of Securus and Zoombak’s retail distribution channels, such as Amazon, Costco, Car Toys and Pep Boys. Select retailers will also have the opportunity to offer BrickHouse’s wide selection of safety and security products to their customers.

Brickhouse said it provides security solutions to over 40,000 small businesses, over 2,500 law enforcement agencies and over 500,000 families.The company is headquartered in New York City and also has offices in Indianapolis.

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