Apple Has Difficulties to Keep Up with Indoor Map Interest from Venue Owners

Apple which now offers indoor location capabilities with iOS 8 (read here) has opened in July a service that offers venue owners to upload their building’s map data and scans Wi-Fi networks in order to enable indoor maps on Apple Maps app.

However it seems that this program has been completely overwhelmed by the number of demands which forced Apple to limit it to owners with venues having annual visitors in excess of 1 million per year!

See below the statement from Apple:

“Thank you for your interest in Apple’s new indoor positioning technology. We have received an overwhelming response on this service and we are prioritizing our efforts to focus on venues with the following attributes:

– Accessible to the general public

– Annual visitors in excess of 1 million per year

– Availability of complete, accurate, and scaled reference maps

– Enabled with Wi-Fi throughout

– Associated app is authorized by venue owner“

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