Anagog, GiPStech, Ubiscale and Silver Spring Networks Win Geo IoT Awards

Yesterday in Brussels four innovative companies in the geo-location and IoT markets received awards as part of the Geo IoT World conference.

The Geo IoT Award for IoT Solutions Empowered by GNSS was presented to UbiGNSS by UBISCALE. The company based in France provides a low power system for GNSS chipsets used in conjunction with low power wide area networks. Instead of computing the location of the asset from GPS signal directly on the chipset, this data is compressed, sent via the network and the location is computed in the cloud. This prize was sponsored by the European GNSS Agency (GSA).

The Geo IoT Award for Indoor Location & Proximity Services was presented to GiPStech Infero Localization by GiPStech. The Italian company is using magnetic patterns in buildings to determine the location of a smartphone. This prize was sponsored by the InLocation Alliance.

The Geo IoT Award for Location Intelligence was presented to Anagog Crowd Sourced Analytics for Smart City by Anagog. Prize sponsored by the Open Geospatial Consortium.

Finally, the Geo IoT Award for IoT Networks was presented to Starfish by Silver Spring Networks.

Geo IoT World gathered more than 150 participants and 60 speakers for two days. The event also hosted the first Indoor Location Testbed where 8 companies location enabled the exhibition rooms.

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