Airbiquity: “Choreo Is Used by Nissan, Infiniti, FCA, Ford and Renault“

GPS Business News recently interviewed with Scott Frank, vice president of marketing at Airbiquity, a cloud platform for connected car services. Read below our Q&A.

GPS Business News: Can you remind us about Airbiquity history? If I am correct it all started with a technology used by Ford SYNC in the early days to enable data through the voice data plan?

Scott Frank: Ford SYNC was an important customer deployment milestone for the company, but the data over voice enablement you’re referencing is for an Airbiquity product called aqLink that was initially deployed in GM’s OnStar program. After OnStar aqLink was subsequently licensed by multiple global automakers to enable vehicle connectivity and data transfer for their embedded telematics systems and has been installed in over 25 million cars around the world. In 2007 evolved it’s business model from technology licensing to software-as-a-service (SaaS) with the introduction of the world’s first cloud-based connected vehicle services delivery platform: Choreo.

GPS BN: Nowadays how big is Airbiquity, and what is your core business?

SF: There are 200 people working at Airbiquity around the world. Our core business is developing innovative automotive telematics technology and providing connected vehicle services delivery with our Choreo private cloud platform and product portfolio supporting the leading connected car use cases. Given our long-term automotive telematics leadership Airbiquity has become a trusted provider and partner for leading automakers, tier one suppliers, and mobile network operators seeking to develop and deploy innovative and differentiated connected car solutions meeting the management, safety, and infotainment needs of their customers. Our connected car offerings are designed to give customers the opportunity to innovate and scale their connected car programs globally using a single cloud-based platform with the necessary services for end-to-end program management.

GPS BN: What about the revenue, profitability and the long term financial strategy?

SF: As a private company we do not share financials. Airbiquity has been around since 1997, at this time we have no exit strategy.

GPS BN: Now let’s talk about your Choreo platform: What is the offering?

SF: Airbiquity was the first company to debut a cloud-based connected vehicle services delivery platform in 2007, and through adoption of Choreo our automotive industry customers are realizing global, dynamic, end-to-end management of connected car programs and cutting-edge user experiences.

We have five types of services which all run on the Choreo platform:

– Connected Vehicle: Connected vehicle services delivery, management, and operations

– Driver Experience: Infotainment procurement, delivery, and management

– Driver Assistance: Personalized security, crisis, and convenience assistance

– Driver Efficiency: Optimization of Hybrid, PHEV, and EV vehicle ownership

– Fleet Efficiency: Optimization of fleet vehicle and driver performance

GPS BN: In a press release you mentioned thatChoreo powers 5 million cars. What are the cars and brands using it today? And in what countries?

SF: The automaker brands using Choreo to support their connected car programs are: Fiat, Chrysler, Nissan, Infiniti, Ford, Jeep, Dodge, SRT, and Renault.

The Nissan and Infiniti programs have been deployed globally spanning 51 countries including translation into 30 languages. The balance of automaker brand programs are regional.


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