ABI: Qualcomm, Broadcom, MediaTek, u-blox & CSR Lead GNSS Chipset Market

A newly released ​ranking of GNSS chipsets vendor by ABI Research concluded Qualcomm is the leading GPS IC vendor, followed by Broadcom in second place, MediaTek in third, u-bloc in fourth and CSR at the fifth position.

ABI’s vendor matrix compares companies on 17 criteria across the broader categories of GNSS Innovation and Implementation.

According to the research, Qualcomm remains the dominant player with a very strong ubiquitous location platform in IZat–this will be vital for success in high volume cellular handsets in 2015. It is also in a strong position to grow in other GNSS markets.

Broadcom continues to compete aggressively through innovation. Earlier this year Broadcom announced its concurrent tri-band BCM 47531 IC and the BCM 4771 GNSS SoC designed for wearables, featuring a sensor hub and always-on capabilities. Finally it has also announced its 5G Wi-Fi SoC, which supports AccuLocate, its new proprietary fine timing Wi-Fi measurement technology.

MediaTek has now emerged as a major threat, taking third on innovation and 2012 market share rankings, following very impressive shipments of its combo ICs into local Chinese smartphone manufacturers. It is also strong on PNDs/recreational and cameras, with a growing presence in other markets.

Its move to fully embedded GPS in 2013 should prove significant in driving market share in the future.

Switzerland-based u-blox has also moved up a position to fourth in this year’s assessment. It continues to grow revenue year-on-year, with little to suggest this will change in the coming year.

It is also the first time u-blox has finished ahead of british semiconductor maker CSR, which was ranked fifth.

“CSR continues to transition and faces another arduous year in 2014. It will be 2015/16 when the effects of these tough decisions are proven out to be correct or not,“ ABI wrote.

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