AAA and Networks In Motion announce off-board navigation with roadside assistance

AAA, North America’s foremost motoring and leisure travel organization, and Networks In Motion (NIM), a white label provider of wireless navigation and LBS solutions, announced at CTIA Wireless a new application called AAA Mobile, offering off-board navigation and roadside assistance.

AAA Mobile subscribers can use their mobile phone to receive visual and audible directions to any travel destination in the U.S.; locate AAA Approved® points of interest (POIs), including Diamond Rated® hotels and restaurants; and find locations that offer AAA member savings. Subscribers can review detailed AAA descriptions for POIs on their phone, receive a map showing a destination on the mobile phone screen, and bookmark locations as favorites for quick recall in future.

When users experience vehicle difficulties the press of a single button on the phone sends the phone’s GPS location to AAA and connects the user with AAA for quick and reliable roadside assistance services.

“Unlike navigation devices that must be outdoors to work, AAA Mobile uses assisted GPS technology that allows users to find a route or get a map while sitting in a covered parking lot or meeting room,” said Marshall L. Doney, Vice President of Automotive Services for AAA. “AAA Mobile always has up-to-date maps and listings of restaurants and other businesses, eliminating the need to purchase software upgrades or maps for new cities.”

With about 50 million members, AAA is a very strong brand in the US. AAA is currently in discussions with major US wireless carriers, with availability of AAA Mobile projected for the second half of 2007.

This new partnership further illustrates the development of NIM on the North American market. NIM is already powering VZ Navigator from Verizon Wireless — its biggest client — and probably the biggest off-board navigation service in the US, a result from the strong and continued promotion of the solution since its inception in January 2006. Alltel in the US and Telus in Canada are also using NIM to power their navigation services.

Steve Andler, NIM’s Vice President of marketing, said: “we are currently serving around one million navigation requests per day on our servers”.

With a staff of almost 60 employees today, NIM is also launching operations in Europe with a first office to be opened in Sweden in the coming months.

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