A Decade of GPS Business News

Dear reader,

GPS Business News was born early 2007 on the simple idea that the GPS and positioning/navigation markets were in need of a business newsletter and website that would help worldwide stakeholders keep up to date with technology and business.

The outcome was an immediate success with 25,000 monthly readers in 100+ countries in the first year and pageviews that reached sometimes half a million a month.

Since then geolocation technologies (in all its flavours) have become ubiquitous and transformed the world in many ways, from location-based advertising to driverless cars, to the (almost) extinction of paper maps.

9+ years and almost 6,000 articles later I have decided to discontinue GPS Business News. It has been a great ride from the beginning till the end, and, like every journey, an opportunity to make a number of good friends all over the world.

I have decided to concentrate on consulting, events – ConnecteDriver which will be in its 4th year in 2017 and the newly born Geo IoT World which had a great start last week in Brussels) as well as a geolocation startup which will be publicly announced in a matter of months (stay tuned!).

I will nevertheless continue to post about geolocation and connected cars on the Twitter feed and LinkedIn group, and probably contribute some articles here and there.

I hope you enjoyed GPS Business News as much as I did, see you soon!

Ludovic Privat



NB: The website and its content will continue to be available for a number of months.

NB2: If you are interested in our email database, please reach out.

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