78% Marketers Use Location-Based Mobile Advertising

A new study from xAd that polled more than 500 marketers in 11 countries show that 78 percent of them use location targeting in their mobile advertising campaigns.

Another sign of the market maturation is that of the 78% of marketers using location targeting for their mobile ad campaigns, the top strategy they use is audience targeting, designed to reach a specific group of people. This surpasses the use of proximity targeting, trying to reach people at or nearby specific businesses and points of interest.

The verticals where location-based advertising is used varies by region: North America and Western Europe use location heavily for Retail, while APAC and Latin America are focused on Banking and Finance.

Results are from an online survey administered by xAd to 172 ad agency leaders and 402 marketing decision makers across North America, Western Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America in May 2015.

See the complete report below:

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