54% Developers Include LBS in Mobile Apps

Fifty-four percent of developers working on apps for mobile devices are including location based and mapping services into those apps, according to a survey of over 400 mobile developers recently released by market research firm Evans Data.

"Naturally location based services are in demand and search and mapping are understandably the top capability developers incorporate, but we were surprised to see a lot of weakness in both geo fencing and advertising — areas where there has been a lot of media interest but little from developers,” said Janel Garvin, CEO of Evans Data Corp.

The survey looked at twelve different types of location-based capabilities and asked developers to rate the importance of each. Advertising was rated least important by developers.

The Evans Data Mobile Development Survey is published twice a year and measures the adoption patterns, intentions and usage of technologies by developers working on apps for mobile devices.


This report pretty much confirms what everybody knows, mobile developers massively use location-related features in their apps, however those are very basic LBS services. It explains the success of Google Maps APIs, a straightforward option to implement local search and map display.

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