157m Smartphone Shipped in 3Q 2012

Mobile analyst firm Juniper Research estimates that the number of smartphone shipments exceeded 157 million in the third quarter of 2012, led by Samsung. This compares with shipments of 132.9 million estimated by Juniper for the previous quarter.

In the quarter, Samsung shipped a record 56.3 million smartphones, representing almost double the market share of its rival Apple, which sold 26.9 million. The flagship device of the Korean company, the Galaxy S3, played a key role, with estimated sales of 18 million in the quarter.

However, with the holiday season still to come, and with the new iPhone 5, Apple is expected to increase its sales in the fourth quarter

ZTE, LG: up, Nokia & RIM down

ZTE shipped almost 20 million smartphones over the first three quarters with third quarter sales exceeding both Nokia and RIM. Nokia shipped just 6.3 million smartphones in the third quarter — a 63% fall compared to Q3 2011. This was partly due to customers waiting to buy into the new Windows 8 platform.

RIM’s recent results — which run to a different financial schedule — nevertheless hint at continuing problems for the Canadian firm with just 7.7 million quarterly smartphone shipments.

In comparison LG posted a 24% quarter-on-quarter growth with a record 7 million smartphone shipments.

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